Lord's Redevelopment Plans On Hold

Lords owners Marylebone Cricket Club said they would create a new redevelopment plan for 'home of cricket' after a row which led former British Prime Minister John Major to resign from the MCC committee.
Major,in an unusually public dispute which has seen several members of English cricket's establishment engaged in a bitter argument,quit in November after MCC announced it was scaling back it's 'Vision for lords' plan.originally conceived at a cost of $634 million in 2007.
This aimed to increase the ground's 28,500 capacity on the back of a programme of luxury flats built at the Nursery End of the ground and was supported by the Australian former MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw,who now holds a similar post at the South Australian Cricket Association.
MCC then announced a new scheme which outlined a more modest 'stand by stand' redevelopment for north west London ground.
But with manyy MCC members upset by the way the whole issue had been handled and threatening action at the general meeting on 2/5/2012,the club's committee announced it was drawing up a fresh plan. 

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